Scenarist & Director

Arnaud Brisebois has worked as the Head of the Art Department in films such as 300, CAPTAIN SKY & THE WORLD OF TOMORROW and FANTASTIC 4. Appreciated for his sharp creative acumen and eye, Brisebois has also been called upon as an Artistic Director in special effects in various films and television commercials. TROTTEUR is his first film.



Francis Leclerc’s first feature, UNE JEUNE FILLE À LA FENÊTRE was critically acclaimed in 2001. In 2004, he won Best Director awards at the Genie and the Jutra for MÉMOIRES AFFECTIVES. His third feature film UN ÉTÉ SANS POINT NI COUP SÛR was released in 2008. Director of a number of television commercials since 2006, Francis Leclerc presently acts as a director for the television series APPARENCES and LES RESCAPÉS II.